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Foot Ulcers

This article does not constitute as medical advice.
If you are experiencing foot ulcers, contact your doctor or make an appointment.

What is a Foot Ulcer?

A foot ulcer is a lesion on the sole of the foot where the skin has broken, and the tissue underneath is easily visible. These open sores typically reappear over a period of time or do not heal at all. There are different types of this condition, such as Venous ulcers, Neurotrophic ulcers, and Arterial ulcers.  

Causes of Foot Ulcers

  • Foot sores or wounds that are left untreated.  
  • Patients who experience poor circulation can develop Arterial ulcers. These lesions can be found all over the foot. 
  • Patients with diabetes can develop Neurotrophic ulcers. These are the sores found along the bottom of the foot. 
  • Patients who are prone to Vascular diseases or swelling in the legs can develop Venous ulcers. These wounds can be found below the knees. 
  • In addition, those with chronic kidney disease or heart disease are pre dispositioned to this condition. 
  • In addition, other lifestyle habits such as obesity and heavy alcohol and tobacco use affect this. 

Symptoms of Foot Ulcers

  • Patients can find an open wound on the foot or legs. 
  • This lesion makes walking painful and difficult. 
  • In addition, your body may have a fever and chills to try to fight the disease. 
  • If you see abnormal callus or swelling in the feet, this may be a sign of infection. Black, blue, purple, red, bronze, or any other discolorations are other telltale indications.  

Treating Foot Ulcer

  • Prompt treatment is critical for patients’ health. If left untreated, ulcers can lead to other foot conditions or even result in amputation. 
  • Call our office immediately if you are experiencing symptoms. 
  • During treatment, patients should limit mobility to avoid repeated pressure on the injury while walking. Individuals may receive a wheelchair, total contact cast, or offloading insert. 
  • Treatments depend on each patients’ medical conditions
Stages 0-5 of a foot ulcer

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