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Foot Sprains in Children

This article does not constitute as medical advice.
If your child is experiencing symptoms of foot sprains, contact your doctor or make an appointment.

What are Foot Sprains in Children?

Feet show dramatic growth in the first few years of life and are crucial to development and mobility.  It is important to keep a watchful eye on your children’s feet as they learn to stand, walk and run. A foot sprain occurs when a child tears or stretches a ligament around the area. Always ensure that your children are wearing comfortable and properly fitting shoes to avoid injury. 

Causes of Foot Sprains in Children

  • Children may develop a particular way of sitting, standing, walking, running etc. which may not be the best method in the long run and should be corrected earlier rather than later.
  • Children’s Health has a comprehensive guide to help teach your kids how to improve their posture.
  • Some children are more prone to sprains when they have flat feet or hammertoes

Symptoms of Foot Sprains in Children

  • Toes turning in or out as they start walking
  • As they take a step, toes touching down first instead of the heel
  • Flat feet

Treating Foot Sprains in Children 

Prevent Sprains By

  • Not making your child walk unless they are ready for it
  • Changing the sitting position of a child
  • Avoiding hand-me-down footwear
  • Wearing closed-toed and padded shoes
  • Wearing customized orthotic inserts we can have made in our office


Treat a Current Sprain 

  • Put an ice-pack on your child’s foot for 15 minutes at a time to reduce swelling
  • Call our office if the sprain is especially painful for further treatment
  • Prop their foot up on a pillow above heart level when sleeping or sitting to reduce swelling
  • When swelling has decreased, put a heat pack or warm cloth on the foot to encourage flexibility.
Wrapping child's foot

You can wrap your child’s foot for support. 

Experiencing Symptoms?

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