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Foot Issues with Diabetes

This article does not constitute as medical advice.
If you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes, contact your doctor or make an appointment.

What are Foot Issues associated with Diabetes?

Taking care of your feet when you have diabetes is critical. Blood vessels and nerves can be damaged over time, resulting in poor circulation and numbness. Not caring for foot infections can lead to infections such as Gangrene or even Charcot Foot.

Diabetic patients should ensure they are going in for regular check-ups and living an active and healthy lifestyle

Issues with Diabetes


  • Minor injuries on the feet, such as tiny cuts, insect bites, or blisters, can be easily infected and need treatment.
  • Avoid tight and poorly ventilated shoes to keep from aggravating poor circulation, numbness, and infection.
  • Numbness from nerve damage can cause numbness. Therefore, the patient may not feel pain or discomfort.
  • The high blood sugar levels make it hard for antibiotics and other medications to heal the wound quickly.

Symptoms of Diabetes


  • Numbness of feet and poor circulation.
  • Blisters, cuts, wounds, or insect bites that become easily affected or last longer than normal.
  • Discomfort caused by calluses and corns on the feet that last longer than normal.

Treating Foot Issues associated with Diabetes

  • Rather than treatment, make regular appointments with our office for inspection of your feet and early assessment of corns, calluses, cuts, and blisters.
  • Make sure you are keeping blood flowing to your feet to increase circulation and to avoid foot injuries by wearing socks and shoes at all times.
Diabetes foot wound

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